Cloud Backup

ICG Cloud Backup allows you to protect and manage enterprise backup across the data center, cloud and client PCs. Delivered as-a-service and built to work on-premise and in the Cloud. ICG Cloud Backup is infinitely scalable to meet your business needs.

Leave behind the cost and complexity of solutions that aren’t built to scale or only work for one workload, on-premise or in the cloud. Save time and money, whilst getting data protection that’s secure, scalable and always available.

No hardware, no software

Delivered as-a-service means leaving behind on-premises infrastructure, hardware refresh cycles and time consuming software maintenance.

Infinitely scalable

Built in the cloud, new capacity can be added to your subscription on the fly without any changes to your backup settings. No need to purchase and install new appliances or software.

No maintenance windows

ICG maintains the data protection solution, not the customer; our platform is always up to date with the latest features.


An intuitive interface and customer experience, deployed in as little as 15 minutes. No backup target to install, tune or maintain.


Smarter in how we store your data (global deduplication, automated long term retention), and more intelligence about your data (ransomware monitoring, analytics and more).


Stay in control of your data, with policy-based management, federated search and advanced security that ensures only you can access your data.

Better customer experience

ICG Cloud Backup enterprise data protection solution empowers your organization with more intelligence about your data, while improving the efficiency of your IT teams. ICG Cloud Backup combines an unprecedented set of capabilities in one user experience.

Lower TCO up to 50%

Leave behind the cost and complexity of onsite hardware, software and infrastructure, while expanding your disaster recovery capabilities at no additional cost.

Accelerate backup performance

ICG Cloud Backup can expand compute resources dynamically to meet even the most demanding timelines for backup windows.

Unlimited scalability, on-demand

The cloud is infinitely scalable, and capacity can be added on-demand without the need to provision new devices, or change your backup settings.

Beyond backup, do more with your data

A unified view of your backup data allows you to easily respond to eDiscovery, manage Legal Hold, or analyze your data to drive business decisions.

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